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Claim Management in Projects

Successful managing and enforcing one´s own interests through strategic claim management
In projects where different organizations are involved as clients and contractors, claims and demands for rework inevitably become a challenge to deal with, because they are seldomly completely covered by the project contract.  The enforcement of one´s own claims, and warding off foreign claims, is therefore an important part of protecting one´s own interests. Well formulated contracts which address the claim process (claim precaution, detection, tracking, communication and negotiations) can help immensely in alleviating claim issues constructively.
After the seminar you will be able to...
  • apply the most important legal concepts
  • employ suitable communication forms for a successful claim formation and claim management
  • use suitable negotiation strategies
Which topics are covered...
  • Basics of the contract creation
  • Collaboration with third parties
  • Detecting claims, placing and rejecting  them in the various project phases
  • Project documentation, reporting, regular meetings as a means for claims
  • Active dialog as a successful factor for the finding of peaceful solutions
  • Tips and experiences with negotiations for the finding of agreements
  • Enforcing or rejecting claims  in legally sensitive situations without destroying of the relationship with a customer
  • Negotiation strategies
  • 1 day
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