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Increasing the effectiveness as a project manager

Make the most of your talents

As a project manager you repeatedly have the impression that your tasks are rather exhausting and laborious. There is not enough time for those activities that would make the project special. There is much pressure, also because troublesome work packages are often started as late as possible. Joy and enthusiasm fade.

It may be quite different:

The project team acts as a committed team. Tasks are picked up pro-actively and performed with great enthusiasm. The project teams culture is characterized by creative solutions and mutual joy when celebrating successful milestones!

What is the success formula?

If you know your talents and personal strengths a joyful, goal-oriented, high-quality assignment of tasks becomes possible. The knowledge of one´s own personality and values is the basis for the building of a project team that is able to perform excellently because of it´s diversity.

Target group
  • Project managers and project team members, who are interested in a strengths-based assignment of tasks and an improvement of the project culture.


Which topics are covered …
  • The own personality (talents, strengths, potentials)
  • Strenghts-based assignment of tasks
  • Values and principles as a basis for the project culture
  • Developing of values in the project
  • Being a role model of values (frankness, reliability, high regard,...)
  • Individual setting of goals in projects, evaluation
  • Project success and enthusiasm by means of a  good organization of work


After the seminar you will be able to ...
  • assess yourself better
  • set motivating goals for yourself and your team
  • employ your own talents and strengths well-directed
  • realize the benefits of your project team members and use them to the advantage of the project
  • lead the project to success with joy and enthusiasm


  • 2 days
  • PDUs: 14


Participation fee
  • 830 Euros + 20% VAT



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