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Kreanar: Creativity and problem solving

We like to take your problems!

As a project manager you are often confronted with situations and problems which you would like to solve with ease. The project management office likes to sell the projects in a creative way. In the tight schedule of a project manager creativity is often reduced to a brainstorming. Accepted project plans often create a kind of cage.

Kreanar = short modules, flexibly selectable online blocks (Skype) and an optional participation in the network "Kreanarren" (access for 6 weeks to a platform of  seminar participants where problems are solved in a creative way).

Target group
  • Project  managers, project management office members and consultants accompanying creativity processes, project team members


Which topics are covered …
  • Classroom modules (4h and 3h): Basics of creativity processes, tips for the definition of problems, the most important creativity and problem solving techniques, decision processes in the project team, roles in the company
  • online block 1: Breakdown service: What to do when there is a lack of creativity ... 
  • online block 2: Creativity in virtual teams: Techniques and tools
  • online block 3: Always trouble in the team: How to respond creatively...
  • online block 4: Selling ideas creatively


After the seminar you will be able to …
  • enable and facilitate creative solutions in the project team and with single persons 
  • master tricky situations ceratively


  • Working "kreanarrisch" – flexibly, virtual and face-to-face, with body brain and head brain
  • We work on your issues!
  • 20% impetus, 40% case studies, 40% self experience




  • Classroom module 1: 11.03.2013, 09:00-13:00 a.m.
  • Classroom module 2: 07.05.2013, 16:00-19:00 a.m.
  • The online blocks will be agreed upon with the participants.



Participation fee
  • 500 Euros + 20% VAT, including 2 online blocks
  • 50 Euros + 20% VAT per additional online block
  • 8 networking meetings (Skype): 400 Euros + 20% VAT



    I am interested in Kreanar: Creativity and problem solving.
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