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Communication and Conflicts in Projects

The impact of constructive communication on project success

Surveys show that project managers and team members are quite often up against difficult communication situations and conflicts. Nowadays it is a MUST for project managers, to provide professional project information system and to identify and resolve conflicts in projects in a timely fashion.


After the seminar you will be able to...
  • reflect on personal communication and conflict behavior in project work.
  • use concrete methods of resolution and know how to resolve current issues.
  • employ strategies to  avoid typical conflict areas in projects.


Which topics will be covered...
  • Fundamentals of successful communication in projects 
  • Methods and tips for building a project information system
  • The meaning of conflicts in projects
    • Origin of conflicts, specific types of  conflicts in projects
    • Tips on early recognition of conflicts
    • Getting to know different solution patterns
  • Conflict Resolution  
    • Model procedures for the treatment of conflicts
    • Conflict presentation / conflict conversation 
    • Dialog as an instrument to minimize conflict


  • 2 days




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