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Successful project conversations and meetings

How to achieve efficient and respectful meetings

You spend a lot of time in meetings, however, you have the impression, that most of them are not really purposeful. Participants talk past each other, are late or have to leave earlier. Some of them read their e-mails during the meeting. Moreover, your performance in the meetings is not the way you want it. You wish to behave competently and objectively.  But it happens again: personal attacks, killer phrases, ... In this seminar you become acquainted with a lot of methods and tools enabling you to execute your meetings more successfully. You will try these methods out in some role plays and project simulations and find out which of them are the most efficient for you and your company.

Target group
  • Project managers, project team members


Which topics are covered …
  • Facilitation techniques for different types of meetings
  • Dealing with complicated situations
  • Creativity techniques
  • Visualization and use of media
  • Solution- and resource-oriented questions
  • Active listening


After the seminar you will be able to...
  • use the tools and methods you learned in the seminar in your meetings
  • employ your advanced facilitation style in your project meetings
  • perform efficient and respectful conversations and meetings
  • use questions and active listening as a controlling instrument in your conversations


  • 2 days
  • PDUs: 14


Participation fee
  • 830 Euros + 20% VAT




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