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Coaching and Consulting Competence for Project Managers

Expanding one‘s own leadership competencies and team development abilities

You have to manage some projects simultaneously. You are confronted with those challenges that project team members are not able to solve themselves. The expectation is that you as a senior executive or a project manager make decisions and give purposeful assistance. Tough project situations and conflicts are becoming more frequent. Your experience your projects as stressful and exhausting. 


It could be quite different:

Complex projects require not only management know-how, being able to employ systemic questioning, reflecting of the process and  understanding of the organizational contexts. Project team members learn by asking the right questions how to help themselves,  to recognize blockages and to act independently. Executives with a "coaching attitude" lead their employees not only to achieve the goals but to an increased self-competence. Due to a certain distance to the project creative alternatives are available. What is the success formula?  If you are aware of your attitude towards other people you are authentic and efficient. Properly applied  Coaching offers valuable support  to develop objectives and solutions for projects and project managers.


Which topics are covered?
  • Differentiation between  professional consulting, organizational consulting, system consulting and coaching
  • Understanding the role of a coach, adapting to the situation
  • Principles and methods for coaching in projects
  • Coaching as a support of the leadership work or consulting in projects
  • Elements of the coaching process
  • Situation and problem analysis
  • Development of idea and solution alternatives
  • Dealing with opposition
  • Defining concrete goals and measures
  • Planning and controlling of implementation


After the seminar you will be able to...
  • deal with coaching requests in the right way (Consulting or Coaching) 
  • apply coaching methods in projects or to distance yourself
  • choose between different alternatives in challenging project stages and coaching situations
  • be more mindful and authentic in non-coaching situations. You receive the key for self-coaching!
  • 2 days

Participation fee
  • 830 EURs + 20% VAT.
  • PDUs: 14



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