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Costumer Relationship Management in Projects

Increasing project success through consequent custumer relationship management

Successful project managers do not only pay attention to the project´s tasks and the team, but especially to the relationship with their customers. Understanding the customers´perspective, recognizing and considering their specific needs and wishes without threatening the own project goals determines the success and quality of the relationship. These factors substantially contribute to the acceptance of the results and to customer satisfaction. 


Target group
  • Project managers, project team members


The seminar includes the following topics ...
  • Different interests of customers, different roles (stakeholder management)
  • Customer service cycle
  • Successful communication strategies with customers
  • Finding the balance between „to please the customer in every way“ and „to focus on maximal project profit“
  • Pre-sales phase: creating confidence, presenting projects emphasing their benefits, winning tenders 
  • Project start-up phase: establishing a working relationship, agreeing rules
  • Project control: managing changes, finding a balance between customer-orientation and project goals
  • Project close down: evaluating relationships, developing customer references, making use of cross-selling opportunities
  • Post-project phase: leaving a lasting positive impression


After the seminar you are able to …
  • see and lead projects in an entrepreneurial way
  • actively and successfully manage customer relationships in projects
  • successfully manage typical and delicate situations in different project phases
  • establish excellent customer and service-orientation as guiding principle
  • apply tools to optimize customer-orientation in projects
  • successfully perform sales conversations in projects



  • 2 days
  • PDUs: 14


Participation fee
  • 830 EUR + 20% VAT




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