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Establishing and Managing Project Management Offices

Further development of project management is a complex management task

Status quo in many companies: projects are executed independently of one another, existing project management standards are used only partly or are re-invented over and over again. Result: synergies between projects are not used , vital project management know-how is lost.

What is the recipe for success?

Based on the assessment of the organization´s project management maturity - with the help of a proven system - potentials for efficient improvement measures can be derived. These may comprise the development of the project managers´competencies, incentive systems and project management career paths, the introduction of processes and tools, working on culture and responsibilities. Implementing and further developing project management as task of a team responsible for this goal ensures its successful implementation. 


Target group

Future and active managers and employees of Project Management Offices, people who are responsible for project management

The seminar includes the following topics ...
  • Development levels in project management; assessing the maturity level as a basis for further development
  • Initializing and establishing Project Management Offices
  • Definition of PMO services, roles, processes and tasks
  • Integration into the existing organization
  • Identification of development potentials
  • Practice-oriented concept for building up and securing a knowledge structure
  • Career and incentive systems
After the seminar you are able to ...
  • apply maturity models as analysis tools for your organization
  • develop project management success factors for your organization
  • use lessons learned from various PMO implementation projects
  • apply a consistent concept for establishing a Project Management Office 
  • 1,5 days
  • PDUs:11


Participation fee
  • 680 EUR + 20% VAT




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