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Projects as change management tools

Systematically managing organizational development projects

"How can I change my company in a particular direction?". There is no simple answer to this question, too many influence factors make this task a complex project. Affected topics include projects which change the work place situation, team culture or even reorganizations of the entire company.

What is the recipe for success?

If there are motivated personalities, team spirit, inspiring goals and the ability to professionally initiate, control and support change processes, a successful change process will be possible. Knowledge of the effect of one´s own personality is a key success factor.

Target group
  • Organizational developers, project managers of internal change projects


The seminar includes the following topics …
  • Projects, project management and change
  • Initiating and designing change
  • Effectiveness of changes
  • Successful attitudes for change processes
  • Integrating individual and relational factors as well as the context
  • Identifying the corporate culture / corporate identity
  • Conflict management
  • Supporting projects in crises, limitations of involvement
  • Disturbances in organizational development processes


After the seminar you are able to …
  • apply methods of conflict reduction and crisis management in change management
  • recognize, pro-actively reduce or constructively integrate blockades and resistances of people affected and involved
  • identify sources of conflict, topics which may cause conflicts and conflict potentials in change processes


  • 2 days
  • PDUs: 14


Participation fee

830 Euro + 20% VAT


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