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Basics of Process Management

The first step to become a process management expert

Successful companies are primarily characterized by their consequent process orientation. Process management tries to balance the apparantly unsolvable demands for highest quality in shortest time periods with little resources. Using suitable methods and the knowledge of systematic procedures are the basis for process optimization. This seminar provides the required basic knowledge, and shows potentials as well as threats that may be key success factors for your future and ongoing processes.


Target group
  • Process managers, project managers and project team members of process-oriented projects, employees of functional departments
The seminar includes the following topics ...
  • Processes and organizations
  • Strategic integration of processes
  • Main tasks of process management
  • Roles and functions in processes
  • Process management phase model with basic know-how on
    • process initiation and description
    • process analysis and diagnostics
    • designing target processes
  • Opportunities and limitations of process management
After the seminar you are able to ...
  • understand the basics of process management
  • to critically reflect the effectivity and efficiency of your own company or department
  • apply the process management "language" in your projects


  • 1 day
  • PDUs:7


Participation fee
  • 460 EUR + 20% VAT



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