Managing complexity with the help of Scrum and Kanban

The best of the agile world for your projects

The implementation of agile and modern project management models can optimize meeting your project deadlines and the quality demanded from your customers. Scrum and Kanban are the most frequently used tools to deal with complexity. Agile methods cleverly applied and adapted to the specific organization may result in motivated and enthustiastic employees. This may lead to increased innovation strength and customer satisfaction.

You will learn how to
  • Use different agile methods
  • Link project management processes to their business requirements
  • Improve project processing time and quality
  • Embed the innovation drive of your parent company in a process
  • Assess which method should be applied


  • The meaning of agility
  • Basics, models, consequences of agile project management
  • The interrelation between innovation and agility
  • Why do stakeholders become more and more important
  • Scrum: specific methods, processes, roles
  • Ensuring a continuous improvement process with the help of Kanban
  • Supporting your own business model with agile methods
  • How to avoid typical traps when implementing agile methods
  • Use and simulation of what you have learned



Alexandra Schermann


2 days


830 Euro + 20% VAT


  • 21.-22.06.2017 / Vienna


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