IPMA® Certification Preparation Program PM / SPM




Personal Preparation
  • Book „Project Management“ (Patzak/Rattay)
  • Self-assessment


  • Project manager: 5 days
  • Senior project manager: 6 days

Module 3 can also be subscribed separately!


Participation fee



Module 1
  • Overview exam procedure
  • Planning/designing the personal preparation phase until the date of the exam 
  • Project report: process of its development, tips, common mistakes
  • Explanation of essential topics relevant for the exam, based on ICB and pm-basline
  • Clarifying preparation for module 2 (homework)


Module 2
  • Discussion and clarification of homework results
  • Explanation of essential topics relevant for the exam, based on ICB and pm-basline 
  • Working on the project report as well as answering questions arising in the course of the work
  • Examples of typical exam questions of the MR-test


Module 3

Day 1:

  • Exam preparation and exam day: tips and frequent mistakes
  • Clarifcation of any questions left open relating to the report or to the feedback received from the assessor
  • Exam simulation: MR-test
  • Exam simulation: project presentation
  • Exam simulation: answering assessor questions

Day 2 (only for Senior Project Managers):

  • Input „The Project-Oriented Company“
  • Input „Program and Portfolio Management“
  • Exam simulation: project workshop



PM: 5 days, SPM: 6 days


PM: 2.850 EUR + 20% VAT SPM: 3.040 EUR + 20% VAT


  • PM: 05.09.2017 – 25.10.2017
  • SPM: 05.09.2017 – 25.10.2017


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