Success Factor Project Organization

Adequate integration of projects into the company and environment

Often, projects are seen as "enemies in the own bed". Sometimes the communication and cooperation with external partners is easier to manage than with internal. Therefore, a well-planned positioning of the project is an important success factor! Who are the (real) decision makers? How are project-relevant decisions made? Who are the contact persons for each part of the project? How can interfaces be managed?


Target group
  • Project managers, project sponsors, executives, project portfolio managers, project management office


Your benefit
  • You will learn how to get quick decisions
  • Efficient project execution by integrating essential environmental groups
  • Committment in your project teams


  • Roles, responsibilities and the distribution of competences in project organizations
  • Organization & business
  • Processes in projects
  • Environment & project communication
  • Marketing & communication structures 
  • Documentation & project information systems


1 day


460 Euros + 20% VAT


  • 31.03.2017 / Vienna


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