Teamwork in Projects

How it is possible to achieve more than the total of all individual performances

Project work is teamwork. In project management this means: You as a project manager are responsible for and depend on the support of your project team to achieve the project objectives. Teamwork has great potentials (e.g. creative solutions, useful differences, productive exchange,...), but also some riks (e.g. futile conflicts, egoism, unclear distribution of responsibility,...). What does the personal understanding or non-understanding among the team members contribute to the success and what can you personally do to promote teamwork?


Finding a balance between mutual achievements and the work of individuals, as well as between a sense of social affairs and the demand for maximum performance!



  • Phases of team development and team composition
  • Dealing with different personalities
  • Frequent motivation and demotivation factors
  • Successful delegating of tasks
  • Techniques for problem solving in teams and groups
  • Basics of group dynamics



Anton Lorenz


2 days


830 Euro + 20% VAT


  • 12.-13.06.2017 / Vienna
  • 02.-03.11.2017 / Vienna


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