Cooperation project owner / project manager

What the project owner can contribute to the project success

The role of the project owner is crucial in the project context, as regards the cooperation between the project manager and the team members. Clear agreements, realistic project goals and outspoken expectations are essential for the cooperation. It is required to promote and demand in an adequate manner!


Target group
  • Project owners, members of steering committees, executives


 Establish cooperation between project and line organization and increase the probability of your project´s success!


  • Project management for project owners and executives
  • The role of the project owner in the start-up phase
    • Assignment of projects
    • Provision of resources
    • Agreements between project manager and project owner
  • The role of the project owner in the execution phases
    • Modifications and difficulties in projects
    • Reporting and coordination of project plans
  • The role of the project owner in the close-down phase
    • Acceptance of the project
    • Formal and informal project closing



Anton Lorenz


1 day


460 Euros + 20% VAT


  • 16.12.2016 / Vienna
  • 09.10.2017 / Vienna


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